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I’m sure others have noticed this lack of interest too. The failure of Journalists (ABC and Fairfax) to report on THE biggest story of their lifetimes.
An extract ——-
“….Australian reporters assigned to cover the United States pack their leanings — Left ones, of course — with their socks when they jet off to relay the action in Washington. Either that or they are bone lazy. There is a ripper scandal unfolding on Capitol Hill but explaining it in full has been too much trouble.
Any investment of faith in the Australian media’s reporting of events in Washington will not produce a dividend, as must be obvious after more than 12 months of monkey-see/monkey-cut-and-paste dispatches from our less-than-intrepid foreign correspondents. This is perhaps understandable, given the prevailing Left slant of all local newsrooms, especially the ABC and Fairfax. When their journalists leave for stints Stateside they pack their prejudices along with their socks. Having departed Australia imbued with their media colleagues’ prevailing view that Donald Trump is a scoundrel who must surely be impeached, they naturally turn for story ideas, if not enlightenment, to like-minded American outlets.
Fortunately, unlike the bad old days, the internet makes it possible to keep tabs on developments from a distance and circumvent the media’s gatekeepers. Thus, when fallen-silent Fairfax Media correspondent Paul McGeough reports that Trump’s election unleashed a wave of horrific hate crimes, you can use Google to check the veracity of his story’s headline, “Make America hate again: how Donald Trump’s victory has emboldened bigotry “. Were you to cross-reference the litany of alleged assaults against this site, which tracks bogus “hate crimes”, you’ll find all but one or two incidents have been refuted by police. What you won’t find on the web or anywhere else is an Age, SMH or Canberra Times renunciation of the original reporting — an omission that brings me to the point I’d like to make about the current situation in the US, as understood by an interested layman.
Over the past three or four decades, but especially during the eight years of the Obama presidency, many of the most vital departments of the US government were taken over by what is being called the Deep State. Simply put, the agenda calls for the imposition of borderless edicts concerning the environment, “catastrophic climate change”, identity politics”, open borders and an endlessly expanding range of newly minted “human rights”, each and every one an assault on nations’ individual sovereignty. Perhaps some Deep State operatives actually believe what they preach, but their sincerity or otherwise is beside the point. What is certain is that, when Donald Trump appeared on the political scene, the Deep State was determined to eliminate him, that resolve strengthened mightily by the shock of Mrs Clinton’s “certain” victory being denied by American voters. Arrogantly confident to begin with, that sanguine appraisal of inevitability began to wilt as Trump demolished his rivals in the primaries one after another. Still, they refused to even consider the possibility of him taking the White House. Hillary was a shoo-in, don’t you know; those who fill the opinion pages had no doubt, possibly because they mix with their own kind, listen only to their own kind and repeat what their own kind say. Really, they should get out and about more, then upsets like last November’s election will not come as half the surprise it was.
Still, there were some who nevertheless laid contingency plans in the unlikely event of a Trump victory — you know, just in case. They called it an “insurance” policy, like “the one you might take out for the unlikely event of dying before age 40”, as was referenced in the text message to his over from the FBI agent looking into Mrs Clinton’s private email server.
When Trump won, the Deep State went into panic mode and activated their insurance policies. They had several…”