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I’m surprised that Duttons surprised to be honest. Haven’t you been watching Q&A, 7.30, The Drum, sport? The question most people would like answered is, along with Triggs at the HRC, what are YOU and Malcolm and that block head Minister for Communications, Mitch Fifield, going to do about it?

You’re in government with your hands on the levers. Or is it just all too hard like repealing 18c?

Start with a mass sacking of the board, and/or a Royal Commission or a privatisation, I suggest.


“…Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has taken aim at the Four Corners program, saying he will write to ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie to formally complain about what he says is a political crusade being waged by the public broadcaster.

Mr Dutton today warned the ABC was being taken over by political operatives, accusing them of running stories without doing fact checks or providing a balanced perspective on the government’s border protection regime.

He said that refugee activists had “completely taken over” and now “owned and operated the place. We had offered to provide answers to questions, and to provide them with information that they could use as part of their program. They didn’t take up the offer.”

Mr Dutton also said his offer to do a live interview on the program was denied. “They decided that that wasn’t acceptable to them.

“It was so one-sided and slanted I think the managing director of the ABC has a lot to answer for here and I think it was shabby journalism to say the least.

“They’ve turned themselves into political operatives and it’s unacceptable for the national broadcaster.

“They should be factually based, these stories, and they shouldn’t be based on emotions and lies … It’s an embarrassment that our national broadcaster would carry on the way that they have…”