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This is compelling viewing. Note at the beginning the first sentence is: “Sweden is the most forward thinking country in the world when it comes to questioning gender” Forward? This is child abuse and this is Sweden in 2017 and a look into the future of the planet. If you ever wondered about the point of Safe Schools, what it’s all about and where it’s headed, this will point the way. When the history books are written, the historians will wonder, just as we do with previous civilisations, how the West ever allowed this stuff, driven by a Marxist minority, to take root? TS Eliot wrote in The Hollow Men, “This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.” In this case the emphasis is on “whimp” Without doubt, combined with the current de-industrialisation, let it rip multiculturalism, extreme environmentalism, the culture wars and identity politics, the Left has discovered the most effective way to literally neuter the West. (literally) THIS IS A MUST WATCH