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The real inconvenient truth is that sooner or later even the village idiots who support this hoax are going squeal under the pressure and squeeze of energy costs. The reality of the hip pocket nerve will eventually trump the woolly minded feel good, pointless, moral narcissism and gesture politics of renewable energy.

With his being rolled in 2009 and again courting disaster with Finkel in 2017,  Marx could well have been talking about Malcolm Turnbull with his Icarus like attempts at flying to close to the sun of climate change politics when Marx observed that “History repeats first as tragedy and then as farce”  

And all of this is happening in a week when the power generators are increasing their prices by between 15 and 20%.

The other big lie, literally, a lie, being retailed in television ads recently is the posturing by AGL that they’re “getting out of coal” How noble. Cept it’s not. The thing is that AGL only owns one coal fired power station, Liddell, in the Hunter Valley and it actually reaches the end of its natural life in less than 5 years in 2022 anyway.

“…The biggest deniers in the whole climate change debate are those who think we can have affordable power, lower emissions and a reliable network.

We can’t.

And after they almost sleepwalked their way to defeat at the last election, it would appear Coalition MPs have found their voices again on the issue that has defined Australian political debate over the past 15 years or more.

There’s no doubt that any policy that lowers Australia’s CO2 emissions will increase the cost of power and any move away from baseload capacity will make our network more unreliable.

Forget the movie, this is the real “inconvenient truth” that climate change zealots have never wanted to acknowledge. For too long, the views of the Zeitgeist have dominated debate and anyone daring to question any aspect of climate change was branded a sceptic. Scientific fact or not, any issue that’s galvanised the Left to the point of hysteria makes me sceptical that it’s more about the politics than anything else.

Right now, China’s emissions are 20 times those of Australia and even if they meet their Paris Agreement commitments, by 2030, China’s emissions will be 50-60 times ours. Seriously? We sell off industry and jobs in a mistaken belief the world that is acting with similar intent but it is clear they’re not, and won’t.

The Prime Minister has said that the alternative to Finkel is to do nothing and that nothing is not an option. So far, though, the party room is unconvinced and is reluctant to embrace a Labor-lite solution to the power Climate change zealots need to get real crisis that could just make it worse. They won’t accept Finkel’s report as it is, with many fearing his modelling of lower power prices is about as dependable as Treasury’s modelling for a return to surplus…” Climate change zealots need to get real