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And so how’s that inclusive multiculti project working out? It doesn’t say as much but going by previous reports in the last month or two,  5 will get you 10 that there is an African, Maori or Pacific Islander dimension to this.

“…Rebel Sports stores across Melbourne are running out of baseball bats as customers take fears of gang violence into their own hands.

The spike in sales, mentioned on 3AW radio’s ‘Rumour File’ segment on Wednesday, has seen Victoria’s Highpoint, Watergardens, Dandenong and Frankston stores almost sell out of bats for the sport.

Rebel’s Rawling’s Rush youth bat retails for $59. Baseball bats sold out as people fear gang violence 

Multiple store assistants said customers told them they were afraid of Melbourne’s Apex gang and were snapping up the bats for self-defence.

An employee at Rebel Sport Highpoint in the western suburb of Maribyrnong said they had sold 65 baseball bats in the past week – the same number they usually sell in an entire year.

Mr Huisman said cricket bats didn’t swing as well as baseball bats, while hockey sticks had a tendency to get hooked on things.

He said it was a “safe assumption” that most of the people who bought baseball bats from his website weren’t using them to play baseball.

Currently, three of Extac’s five baseball bats are sold out.

An employee at Rebel Sport Watergardens in the north-western suburb of Taylors Lakes said it was clear people weren’t using them for sport.

“Not many people around here play baseball,” she said…”

And here’s more of this rights and privacy rubbish in play being used as a defence. And what about the rights and privacy of the victims?

“..Abundant CCTV exists of the crimes. The Herald Sun applied for permission to show you pixelated images of attacks, but the Children’s Court President on Tuesday rejected the request. Lawyers for the children argued publication of even pixelated images of the crimes could breach the boys’ privacy, cause them shame, and potentially affect their rehabilitation..:”  Melbourne teen gang leaves trail of violence and destruction