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Random Note: It’s quite apparent that while strutting and preening, wearing their green credentials on their sleeve and taking the moral high ground, the energy behemoths like AGL and Engie are in fact scamming consumers by using the shut down of one of the assets and thereby creating a shortage, to boost their profits. In other words they’re gaming the system.
They’re using the current policy as a way of tinkering with supply and demand and boosting profits whilst at the same time virtue signalling their supposed green credentials and responsible corporate worthiness when in fact they’re simply shysters, scammers and con artists.
“…..This week in parliament he claimed that the government was in talks with AGL about extending the life of the NSW’s Liddell power station, the next big power domino to fall, slated to close in just five years’ time.
“No you’re not”, said AGL’s $7 million a year boss, Andy Vesey, who’s been boasting about getting out of coal while pocketing the profits that a coal-starved power market has been delivering to power generators.
This is the second time that a commercial player has put Australia’s energy security at risk to impress left-wing activists and boost its profits at the same time.
In March, the part-French-government-owned Engie closed down the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria and boasted it was getting out of the world’s “dirtiest” power station while conveniently boosting the value of its other power stations, and massively increasing the wholesale price it received for its power.
It’s one of the first times foreign ownership has put our national interests at risk and it wasn’t a Chinese company but our supposed friends, the French (the same nation we’re spending $89 billion to buy new submarines from, I might add).
Now, AGL, an Australian-owned company with an American boss, and a whole lot of local leftie activists on the staff, is doing the same thing.
In bludgeoning AGL to keep this vital national asset going or sell it to someone who will, Turnbull could usefully tell business to stop employing people who despise capitalism and work against the people who support it (and so should customers and shareholders too).
In parliament this week, the Prime Minister’s attacks on Labor were effective.
His “no coal Joel” line against the ALP frontbencher representing the Hunter Valley coal districts boosted Coalition morale. But, a good line aside, the challenge will be for the PM to come up with more than debater’s rhetoric; he must come up with a policy to set against Labor….”  Coal could keep Turnbull in The Lodge