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Many people quietly wonder and not so quietly ask. What the hell happened? How did we get here? Only when you follow the bread crumbs can you begin to understand and begin to wind and walk it back.

 “…Half a century ago takes us back to 1966, which bisects two significant dates: the effective start-up of ‘political correctness’ at the University of California in 1964 and the so-called ‘student’ riots in Paris in 1968. Sentimentalists who look back on both events as ‘revolutionary’ do us a disservice, however, for in no time at all the counterculture’s demand for total freedom metamorphosed into an ambition for total political control.

When the collapse of communism took place, genuine hope existed briefly not just for the peoples of Poland and other previously oppressed Eastern European states, but also that Western democracies might at last throw off the shackles imposed on us by a neo-Marxist, politically correct New Left…..Will we ever see an end to the politically inspired nonsense which is increasingly inflicted on us all? By seizing control of our universities for so-called cultural and humanitarian – but basically political – purposes, the New Left has effectively placed its foot on the throat of our culture. Half a century ago, the moral codes of most Western countries still showed ample evidence of Christian input.

However, the true aim of what we know now as the ‘culture wars’ was nothing less than the invention and establishment by one side of a novel, entirely man-made moral code which was intended to supplant those notions of virtue and vice which had stood the tests of time with remarkable success. In the ever relevant words of English philosopher Roger Scruton: ‘The final result of the culture wars has been an enforced political correctness, by which the blasted landscape of art, history and literature is policed for residual signs of racist, sexist, imperialist or colonialist ways of thinking’. Tragically, our post-modern landscape has become an effective wasteland in which future generations will trudge looking for relics of a lost and better world….”  Coercive conformity