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While you’re sleeping or just goofing off, this is the metastasising cancer infecting the culture. If you don’t care, don’t complain when it comes up your street. Although this is in America, we’re seeing the same culture creep in Australia. 

“…George Orwell would be proud of how America resisted communism and totalitarianism in the twentieth century. However, the U.S. faces a danger that 1984 did not foresee — the rise of totalitarian culture. In many ways this is a far more insidious development than a government dictatorship. It is more subtle, more difficult to defend against, and it is coursing it’s way through the cultural bloodstream of our country like a malignant cancer.

It has no single leader, entity, or system to point to as the source. There is no king to topple and no paid “thought police” as in Orwell’s famous novel. No jackbooted thug or leather-clad official is going to knock on your door.

However, on college campuses, in corporate offices, and in the media and entertainment synods, everyone is expected to adhere to a certain orthodoxy. Failure to do so will lead to loss of income, status, business, and career.

In public schools, a single complaint about the “Pledge of Allegiance” in class or the recitation of a prayer at a sports event is enough to overcome the majority who value these American traditions.

The mere hint of disagreement with gay marriage or abortion in any government, corporate, or professional setting will probably cost you your livelihood.

Questioning climate change gets you labeled a “denier,” associating you with those who deny the Holocaust. Nor is it enough to accept the scientific data; you must interpret it in line with the prescribed hysteria or you are an enemy of the environment.

What we are witnessing is not state dictatorship but a new phenomenon — the rise of a totalitarian culture which seeks to control everything and everybody…” The Culture Police