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The facts are starting to ooze out under the door
 “…The memo lays out what actually occurred: our premier law enforcement institutions were weaponized by the Obama administration and the masters of those institutions came to believe themselves above the law. This cabal of our betters meant to override the voters should they elect the wrong person. Then we did elect the wrong person, the one we all like better than the one who lost.
They wanted Hillary despite her forty-year record of venality. The rest of us wanted anyone but her. This despicable bunch of self-appointed guardians of leftist orthodoxy decided to fix things and instead fixed themselves as objects of infamy for the remainder of American history.
They keep threatening that “if Trump fires Mueller it will cause a Constitutional crisis.” Seems we are already there. The Democrats are defending the corruption of the FBI, the DOJ, and the State Dept. If that is not a Constitutional crisis what is?
The most confounding aspect of the response to “the memo” is the Left’s hysteria over its release to the public. For days their adherents have been ranting and raving about the “national security” dangers, the damage it will do to “the investigation.”
They say it omits the underlying documents, that its talking points are taken out of context. They demand that those foundational documents be revealed. The Republicans say fine, release all of them. Uh-oh. That must mean that the underlying documents and transcripts prove the points made in the memo.
Now that we have read the memo, it is clear there are no national security issues. That was a lie, a feint. The Democrats know very well that the swells at the FBI, DOJ, DNC, NSA, State, and the Clinton campaign contrived to sabotage the Trump candidacy and after the election to submarine his presidency.
They not only approve of their various unconstitutional plans to subvert the electorate, they champion them. It’s who they are. In their blinkered brains, pickled by the destructive ideology of leftism, they think they are wiser, smarter, and better than anyone on the political right.
For the citizens between the coasts with regional issues the left cannot be bothered with, they have only disdain. They cannot imagine that those people matter, that their votes count. In their minds they are an annoyance. They hate that their votes count. The Democrats’ Defence of the Indefensible