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Miranda Devine with another slam dunk column that cuts through and calls out the effete, pantie waist Euro/Canadian-cronies…
“….South Korea has halted the deployment of a missile defence system because it wants to run an “environmental impact assessment” first.
There’s the absurdity of effete democracies in one sentence.
You’d think speed would be of the essence when you are facing a crazed dictator intent on nuclear Armageddon at your doorstep.
But, no, not in a universe where G20 leaders think climate change is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism or Kim Jong Un, and where Donald Trump is the biggest threat to world peace.
But Trump went to the G20 knowing elitist European leaders such as Angela Merkel and the toyboy leaders of France and Canada would sneer at him over his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord fraud.
Uhlmann’s thesis, shared by foreign affairs intelligentsia, is that Trump is a pariah over climate, and he missed the opportunity to show real leadership by organising a joint communiqué on North Korea from the G20. But if you actually want to deal with a threat rather than just look as if you’re dealing with it, joint communiqués are useless.
Is Kim Jong Un going to be frightened of a stern letter from Mutti Merkel?
The US is working on rather more effective measures behind the scenes, including pressuring China. Donald Trump: The only leader getting things done