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“…Since the release of Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash in May 2015, the truth of the Clinton Foundation has been out there for all to read and know. The left can disavow it all they want but the truth of it has become clearer and clearer as more and more “missing” emails are released via hackers or FOIA. Don’t cry for Hillary, America
Only ten percent of the billions of dollars the “Foundation” takes in goes to charity. The rest subsidizes the lavish lifestyles of the Clintons and their sycophants; those people who have sold their souls to rub shoulders with unadulterated power. Those who read the book, saw the film, or have just been paying attention over the past thirty years, know only too well the truth of the charges.
The Clintons made sure that their “books” would never see the light of day. She/they, destroyed thousands of emails that would prove their get-rich-quick schemes, their pay-to-play grand plans. Their lackeys went along to get along. One of them pleaded the Fifth 125 times when questioned under oath. This is a depraved bunch of pols.
The Clintons did get rich. Corruptocrats from around the world paid to play and prospered. And this is the woman who may well become the President of the United States! She is, and has always been, an American Evita – grasping and petty, angry and duplicitous, thoroughly without an ethical bone in her body. If the American electorate gives her the presidency, do cry for us.; it will be the undoing of America.
The left will proclaim victory over the brilliance and values of the Founders and the Constitution. They will have succeeded in taking us down. They will have finally abrogated the Constitution and committed its authors to the graveyard of history. Evita, Eivta…..Argentina has yet to recover from the scourge of the Perons…”