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Like most news junkies, I wade through a lot of total dross and dreary stuff at times but now and again you find a real nugget, a real gem. This is one such piece that totally lambasts, skewers and shreds the self righteous arrogance and pomposity of the left.

“….If the Left’s continuing assault on what remains of our civilisation is the big problem of our time, a lesser irritation is that the Left itself is dead boring. All that tedious complaining, like fractious infants. You get the impression the complaining is as important to the Leftist as the succession of fads complained about – a long list now, stretching back through the years via the inglorious but thoroughly merited dismissal of Whitlam to the days of “Pig Iron Bob” daubed on railway bridges.
Not having an inspiring vision of life, the Left reduces the whole realm of human experience to tight little categories so alien to traditional ways of thinking that it has had to invent ugly neologisms to denote them – sexism, racism, sundry phobias. These serve as the building blocks with which the earnest Leftist constructs his ethical views. Things are good or bad – no, you can’t say good or bad, the Left considers moral absolutes a relic of outmoded Judeo-Christianity – approved or disapproved of according to the absence or presence of one or more of these categories.
Annoyingly, Leftists have infected everyone with this tiresome grievance-classification jargon, thus straitjacketing public and much private discourse within Leftist concepts. That’s fine for Leftists, whose conversational range is limited to their current hobbyhorses but pretty ho-hum for the rest of us. Get stuck at a Leftist dinner party and instead of a feast of reason and flow of soul you’ll get an orgy of virtue-signalling variations on the usual dreary repertoire: the awfulness of Trump, the wickedness of letting the Barrier Reef “die”, the iniquity of Murdoch and his myrmidons and so on, until you slide off your chair comatose, at which point the company, misattributing the cause of your narcolepsy, is catapulted by association into lamenting the shocking toll of binge-drinking as reported in the Age (which is now a fanzine for the Left with boring Leftist articles for boring Leftist letter-to-the-editor writers).
Leftists are boring because they relate everything to themselves. The old Left of fairness and compassion for the underdog has gone. The new Left is about posing as compassionate at no cost to oneself, preferably towards some “victim” safely at arm’s length – an Aboriginal township-dweller or an “asylum seeker” over on Manus Island. And if an asylum seeker who’s been let in throws bombs in a crowded street the Leftist can live with that too, and make excuses for it, as long as it’s not in some sacred Leftist space like the Wheeler Centre.
Leftists are insufferably self-righteous. On and on they go, in Fairfax editorials, on television, bleating and cursing on Twitter in an unceasing stream of vilely and violently expressed abuse of everyone who doesn’t think as they do, perpetually pointing out the mote in the eye of other people while ignoring the whole structure of beams, purlins, rafters and walls in their own that make up the edifice of their hatred and lack of charity, of their unwillingness even to try to understand that there might be a justification for a contrary opinion. To the Left, disagreement is the product of malevolence or stupidity…..”  Read On…The Dull, Boring and Predictable Left