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“….What’s particularly frightening about today’s virtuous Western elites is how inherently destructive to society their virtues are. Indeed, pursuing elite virtue today essentially means doing things which objectively damage society, whether it is cutting off valuable energy sources, weakening conceptions of excellence and hard work, increasing public debt to perilous levels or a half-dozen other hair-brained ideas.
Angela Merkel is perhaps the optimal example of this dynamic. Not only is she totally divorced from the burdens that her open immigration policy is laying on her countrymen, who must now live cheek by jowl with hostile migrants who threaten their livelihoods and personal safety, she is voluntarily and objectively destroying her own nation. It appears baffling until one considers that, like those damaged intermarried nobility, she has no choice.
While Merkel is an exemplar of self-destructive elitist virtue, most current Western leaders, to include the current American president and the Democrat that intends to succeed him, share her basic values and view of virtuousness, meaning that Germany’s fate, however it resolves, will presage the fate of the West….” How Elites Destroy Themselves