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Europe. One Very Large Cauldron Of Boiling Frogs

“…Sons instructing their illiterate mother on how to vote. People casting proxy votes for their entire family. Mosques being put under pressure to support the party’s candidates. Islamic propaganda leaflets at the entry of the polling station.

A nation in the Middle East, you say? Wrong. I’m referring to the recent elections in the Netherlands. Amid the establishment’s cries of joy over the “defeat” of Geert Wilders, another important story was all but brushed under the carpet: the migrant party “DENK” got three seats in parliament and became the biggest party in at least one district of the capital (Amsterdam).

Apart from the irregularities during the election campaign and at the voting booth, the arrival of these “foreign nationalist” parties shows that large parts of the European immigrant communities have different opinions on matters of state as compared to their non-immigrant neighbors.

But apart from religious extremism, the immigrant communities also import strong nationalist sympathies straight from the motherland, especially in the Turkish community. Belgian children of Turkish descent (sometimes the third generation living in Belgium) have held numerous pro-Erdogan rallies shouting Turkish nationalist slogans and the inevitable “Allahu Akbar.” An extreme-right Turkish nationalist movement called “The Grey Wolves” has openly campaigned in the city of Ghent to rally support for the upcoming Turkish referendum (in which Erdogan is expected to consolidate his dictatorial powers once and for all). In Austria, the defense ministry discovered that Austrian soldiers have illegally retained their Turkish nationality after enlisting. How many of these soldiers of dubious loyalty are active members of the Army is unknown.

Luckily for us, our legacy media is too busy painting Donald Trump as the resurrected Hitler to bother informing the public about these serious dangers to the stability of an entire continent. Advice to our American friends: visit while it’s still here!…” Dutch Immigrant Party The Future of Europe