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My previous post was on the Sharyl Attkisson book The Smear: How shady political operators control what you see, what you think and how you vote and her associated 10 minute Tedx talk on what’s known as astroturfing. The essential thrust was that of contrived, confected and fake news presented as authoritative and mainstream.
The idea is to control your thinking and have you think that you’re the odd one out if you don’t subscribe to what you are led to believe is the mainstream view when it isn’t.
Essentially we’re talking about propaganda and mind manipulation.
An EXHIBIT A example of astroturfing was highlighted last night on The Bolt Report. It even involves Channel 10 and others from the MSM totally fabricating a story out of nothing. It didn’t exist. It’s worth checking out so that you get an understanding as to what’s really going on.  How The Media Faked A Story of Melbourne ‘Plastered’ with Homophobic Posters