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This is about America but it could be about Australia. The song remains the same.
“….Why such unabated arch-loathing? One possibility is that Trump’s triumph dealt the progressive left a narcissistic injury from which they are still reeling. Is there another explanation for why previously sober, thoughtful Americans have abandoned the rational in such numbers?
The elite see their virtue, rectitude, and moral superiority reflected back to them in the films, newspapers, advertisements, TV shows, and magazines they themselves create, and it is intoxicating – a gauzy reverie of self-ratifying congratulation. Is it any wonder, after such unmitigated success, that the left is apoplectic about having its echo chamber shattered by a barbarian like Trump?
The belief system of the progressive left includes the shared understanding that leftists have been anointed to determine what is good and right in American life and what is not. Their candidate was ordained to hold the highest office in the land as the inevitable consequence of this orthodoxy. That belief system was shattered at 2:30 AM on November 3, 2016, when the Associated Press called the election for Trump.
The groupthink that the most qualified nominee in history was unbeatable begat a bubble that Trump popped like a schoolyard bully. In the parlance of the day, this “triggered” leftists throughout the land into dyspeptic, unbecoming tirades that have made for some galling exposures of untethered ultra-bias in media and political personalities. This is a familiar strategy for a wounded narcissist: blame others, rage, and attack. But it’s disheartening to see it manifest so baldly….”   Explaining the Narcissistic Rage of the Left