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Facebook — Guilty of dangerous hypocrisy and diabolical double standards.

Facebook are very good at lecturing, and priding themselves on community standards, but with the terrorist strike on the Westminster Bridge and at Westminster Palace last week, we are left to wonder what community standards they are talking about as they’ve been exposed as not being remotely familiar with any such concept of standards or having such a charter.

Facebook owns the WhatsApp encrypting messenger service which is the app of choice for terrorists. Unfortunately Facebook’s adherence to community standards goes only to the ephemeral, frivolous and trivial but doesn’t extend to the serious matter of assisting national security to gaining access to vital terrorist messages encrypted and embedded in the app.

It would be interesting to see the family of a victim drag Facebook in to court or at at least have the authorities bring a charge of obstructing justice.

It’s really a matter of which is more important. The privacy and communications of a single terrorist or the safety of the broader community.

“….Khalid Masood is known to have used WhatsApp in the moments before the attack, but encryption has hampered investigators trying to access his messages.

The company has faced a barrage of criticism – not least from Home Secretary Amber Rudd – at a time when tech firms were already under pressure over extremist content…” WhatsApp feels the heat over Westminster terror attack