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Don’t you just love the tolerance and diversity exhibited by the left and the self appointed diversity czars?

This is the modern day Hitler Youth. Your modern day snarling, jackbooted, fascist and hard left,  Brown Shirts determined to shut down and disrupt anyone or group that doesn’t agree or accord with their world view.

“….The event, scheduled for Saturday, had received 80 genuine registrations before the launch of the online campaign which by yesterday afternoon generated 54,000 fake registrations sent from 1079 email addresses.

The online campaign was promoted by University of NSW academic Simon Hunt who, on the Facebook page of his alter-ego Pauline Pantsdown, encouraged people to RSVP for Mr Shelton’s talk and to “be creative with your name”.

The language used in the online RSVP form was described by Mr Shelton as “the most degrading and obscene material I have been exposed to”, including references to bestiality and pedophilia.

“If a Muslim event or a LGBTI event was targeted like this what would be the response of the media and academia and others?” Mr Shelton asked.

“Since when did we get to the stage in Australia where to hold an event in a church building on a Saturday afternoon you have to hire three security guards?” LGBTI activists deluge Christian event with fake names, filth