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“…President Obama thinks Donald Trump is unfit to be President! He may well be, but he is certainly no more unfit than Obama was in 2008 or has proven to be in office these past seven years. Trump does react to certain stimuli like a rat in a cage: criticize him and he lashes out like a dog whose bone has been ripped from his salivating mouth. He has no filter, no sense of propriety, no instinct for the game of politics.

And a game it surely is. He does not know or care to learn the rules. It is likely that is how he has become the unlikely Republican nominee. There are millions and millions of Americans who are sick to death of the game. The establishment pols on both sides have never given these people, Trump’s supporters, the time of day outside of election seasons. The pols pander, promise, lie and mock the people they expect to vote for them.

And now the powers that be are shocked that they have nominated a man who seems to be a jerk off the streets from a fight club. Except that he is a wealthy man who has been in the public eye for decades — on reality TV, in the tabloid press and is represented amidst the skylines and entrepreneurial ventures around the world.

But then we have to look at Hillary Clinton. She has a lifelong record of lying and cheating going back to her internship on the Watergate Committee (she stole documents and lied about it). She has a lifelong record of insatiable greed and criminality. The woman not only lacks character, she is devoid of character. She lies as easily as she breathes. She foolishly lied again this past Sunday to Chris Wallace regarding FBI Director Comey’s testimony re: her emails.

Her life is riddled with scandals. All of her scandals victimized other people, from Arkansas to DC to NY and back to DC. Her life is littered with victims of her venality. From the twelve year-old rape victim whose rapist she got off and chuckled about, to the women her husband used and abused, to the dead in Benghazi. There are uncounted hundreds in between. She is not a woman who has devoted herself to public service. She has devoted her life entirely to enriching herself at the expense of others.

Hillary is known, through and through. Her supporters put their fingers in their ears when confronted with the facts of her record. They won’t see Hillary’s America or Clinton Cash. They might learn something they don’t want to know. But she is well and truly unfit to be President. Trump the unknown, may- be-terrible-but-might-be-good, is the only option…” Fitness Test For The Presidency