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Forget about Facebook. That’s little league. Google is worse. Much worse.
From deleted files to location history, IT expert reveals the extent of the personal data the search giant holds on you.
“….In a series of tweets, one IT expert has laid out exactly what the search giant knows about him, dating back to 2008, which he describes as ‘preposterous’.
It ranges from every place he visited in the past year to every website he clicked on, and even contained files deleted from his Google Drive cloud storage account.
 Mr Curran found that Google was constantly tracking his location in the background, including how long it took to travel between various points.
It also held details about his hobbies and interests, as well as guesses on his possible weight and income.
If you have location tracking turned on via your smartphone, tablet or other connected device and they’re switched on, Google stores details of everywhere you’ve been.
For Mr Curran, this included his travels around Ireland over the previous 12 months, including journey times between towns and cities.
When MailOnline decided to drill down into this data, it revealed a surprising level of detail.
As well as foreign travel, it included the name of a number of pubs visited, the length of time spent in them, and the route taken to get home…”