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This reads like the government appointment cv of Yassmin Abdel Magied except its not. It’s another, similar one, from an Egyptian woman, Eman Sharobeem, who has been able to oil her way on to a number of multi culti type  government boards, commissions, councils and committees with what is apparently a fake cv of her background, experience and qualifications (two PhD’s. Psychology and business admin) Her alleged exploits, include credit card fraud and phony qualifications are now the subject of an ICAC investigation.
The question is, how do these people manage to convince that they are who they say they are and get away with it with no follow up or background checks. I suspect that it’s because those in charge so desperately want the story to be true.
The story below is from February 27 but there has been more in the last week including today in the Sun Herald at this link.
“….Last year, Ms Sharobeem was appointed National Community Engagement Manager at broadcaster SBS. Asked on Monday if Ms Sharobeem enjoyed the broadcaster’s support in the role, a spokeswoman said: “Eman is no longer employed by SBS. SBS has no comment on the investigation.”
While her CV on the social media employment site LinkedIn says she holds a series of public offices, Ms Sharobeem has resigned from her role an advisory board member at Multicultural NSW.
Multicultural NSW said in a statement: “Eman Sharobeem resigned as a member of the Multicultural NSW Advisory Board on 14 November 2016 due to other work commitments and health concerns.”
Ms Sharobeem has also quietly exited the multicultural advisory council to the NSW Department of Justice. “Eman Sharobeem is no longer a member of the NSW Government’s Multicultural Advisory Committee,” the Department said in a statement.
Ms Sharobeem has also left her role as ambassador to the NSW Australia Day Council.
“Dr Sharobeem withdrew from the NSW Australia Day Ambassador Program for personal reasons on 12 December 2016,” a spokesman said. Former Australian of the Year finalist Eman Sharobeem exits boards, SBS amid fraud investigation