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A must read. What an obscene display of scrambling for the high moral ground and what seems to be totally lost on the politico/media cabal is that the burqa IS NOT a religious garment or vestment.
“…And what about Senator George Brandis, our nation’s attorney-general, no less. He vehemently condemned Hanson for the gross disrespect she has shown to “a great religion” by flippantly mocking one of its most recognisable symbols. Did he ever make a similarly impassioned speech in the Senate (or anywhere else) castigating Islamists terrorists who refuse to stand in court as required? Those defendants were disrespecting Australian law and culture, which he is tasked to uphold and protect. Or is that brazen disrespect for the rule of law nowhere near as significant as the thought crime of “disrespecting” Islam?
Related utterances of other, less prominent senators and politicians indicated the woeful ignorance they purported to perceive in the opinions of the knuckle-dragging constituents they represent. What, Australians cannot accept the veiling for life of young girls, the arranged first-cousin marriages, the misogyny inherent in covering women in all-enveloping drapery because apsychotic warlord designated them vessels of sin specifically designed by Shaytan to tempt men?
Politically correct journalists, commentators and other opinion merchants endeavoured to better each other in displaying the most outrage over Hanson’s “scandalous stunt”. All did their very best to ignore that the overwhelming majority of callers to talk-back radio programs applauded Hanson’s “stunt”, although even the ABC was eventually compelled to state that “there was mixed reaction to Pauline Hanson wearing a burqa..”