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“….The pattern of false statements by Triggs has left her a laughing stock of taxpayer-funded pomposity and self-indulgence. The killer line in her interview with Koval is when she tells Koval that she could have said to the Senate committee: “How dare you question what I do.”

Triggs is a self-deluded fantasist if she thinks that her role as a bureaucrat is beyond accountability or criticism by the parliament of Australia. The misunderstanding about democracy lies with Triggs. She’s not special. She’s not the queen. The AHRC she oversees is not a human rights oligarchy. She’s a bureaucrat who is meant to run the AHRC ­according to a remit set out in legislation and subject to questions from the Senate committee, just as it asks questions of other heads of bureaucracies.

Triggs has turned the AHRC into her playground for progressive politicking. She has long enjoyed the blind favour of the taxpayer-funded ABC. On Sunday, Insiders host Barry Cassidy couldn’t bring himself to say a word against Triggs’s embarrassingly false claims last week.

Triggs has undermined the legitimacy of a body established in 1986 and enjoying its 30th anniversary. No other commissioner has come close to the controversies that surround Triggs.

The only silver lining from her pattern of manifest political activism and scandalous misstatements is that, inadvertently, she has written the negative job description for the person who will replace her. If the reputation of the AHRC is to be restored, her successor must be the polar opposite to Triggs.

Speaking of successors, what on earth is the Turnbull government waiting for? Yet another trainwreck performance pitted with false statements by Triggs? Yet another deluded statement from a bureaucrat who has said, on the record and very publicly, “how dare you question what I do….”?  Gillian Triggs’ pattern of political activist behaviour