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No slippery slope? Only an activist or a mindless useful idiot would believe that. This is all about establishing a beachhead for a much broader and expansive agenda including to not just redefine, dilute and diminish, but actually make irrelevant and demolish the very institution they say they want to be part of. There are a number of links to core material in the body of the main feature at the primary link below.
Here’s the Greens agenda right up front, and in their own words. From the Andrew Bolt blog
“…Sounds too crazy to be true?
Then check the Greens’ own website.
It features two articles by Simon Copland (editor of Green Agenda and former ACT Greens convenor) and Joel Dignam (a lead organiser of the ACT Greens), which make absolutely clear that to them, at least, same-sex marriage is just the first and crucial breakthrough to wider change.  Greens confirm: Gay marriage is just the start — Andrew Bolt
Introducing these two pieces on the Greens website is this declaration, under the headline Beyond Marriage Equality:
For more than a decade now marriage equality has dominated the energies of gay and lesbian campaigners. So when we achieve it, we can all celebrate and relax, right? Not a chance….
Here’s Dignam, who argues that legalising same-sex marriage is just the start of “expanding” the definition of marriage, an institution he criticises as “patriarchal”:
Queer campaigners are beginning to question the validity of same-sex marriage as a campaign focus. But if we are to think in terms of our ultimate objective as queer campaigners, then we should recognise that ‘equal love’ is a critical step…
The point of a campaign is less to solve everything, and more to build power to continue to achieve victories. Legalising same-sex marriage won’t only reduce discrimination — it will give queer organisers a stronger platform to create further change …
Queer campaigners should not win their rights by meekly trudging into the tent of patriarchal marriage, their tails between their legs. Rather, the same-sex marriage campaign can be about dismantling the walls of the tent, expanding it to be open to more of us, and continuing to liberalise this cultural institution …
Here’s Copland, who treats same-sex marriage as merely a “symbol” in a crusade for further rights – contradictin the activists now telling us this is really just about the right of two gays to marry and nothing else, whether safe schools or gender fluidity theories:
The marriage equality campaign appeals to mainstream society — and theoretically conservative politicians — in a way that ‘less palatable’ bodies and stories don’t…
So what will be the next step down the slippery slope for such activists once they win on same-sex marriage?
Again, the Greens – Copland particularly – have the answer, and this, too, is exactly as conservatives citing the “slippery slope” predicted. Yes, polygamy will be next, although most activists for now deny it.
From 2012:
Greens ACT convenor Simon Copland said: “I am now seeing major queer organisations and queer activists develop exclusive habits, excluding those who they think don’t fit the mainstream gay and lesbian model. For example, after some publicity around the issue, marriage advocates from Australian Marriage Equality and the Greens recently (came) out strongly against the idea of polyamorous marriage…
“The institutional queer movement has become dominated by upper-to middle-class wealthy queer activists ensuring a select few get equal access to heteropatriarchal systems.”
The Greens’ then leader in the United Kingdom was open to that idea just two years ago:
Green party leader Natalie Bennett has revealed she is open to the idea of legalising three-way marriages.
She replied: “At present, we do not have a policy on civil partnerships involving more than two people… We have led the way on many issues related to the liberalisation of legal status in adult consenting relationships, and we are open to further conversation and consultation on this issue.”