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One day Haiti the next Columbia. Having rolled and fleeced the destitute Haitians after the 2010 earthquake the corrupt Clinton Cartel rolls into Columbia. The words cartel Clinton and Columbia are rather fitting given the nature of the racket

 “….That the Clinton Foundation’s operations are nothing but a cash cow scam is seen in a brilliant analysis and exposé of its operations in Colombia, a country beset by internal strife and an ongoing battle with drug cartels. The truth, as reported by Ken Silverman and the American Media Institute in Fusion, a joint venture of ABC and Univision, hardly Trump surrogates, explains in part how the Clintons amassed a small fortune without holding any job or running any business.

Colombia has received more foundation money and attention than any other nation outside the United States. Bill and Hillary Clinton have visited the country often and enjoy close relationships with members of Colombia’s ruling party. Colombia has also been home to the vast oil and natural gas holdings of the man who is reportedly the Clinton Foundation’s largest individual donor, Canadian financier Frank Giustra….

Many of the Colombian “success stories” touted on the foundation’s website — the ones specific enough for us to track down — were critical about the foundation’s effect on their lives. Labor leaders and progressive activists say foundation programs caused environmental harm, displaced indigenous people, and that it concentrated a larger share of Colombia’s oil and natural gas reserves in the hands of Giustra.

Colombia is the classic case of, dare we say it, quid pro quo. The people of Colombia were used as pawns in yet another Clinton pay-for-play scheme. You scratch the backs of the Clinton’s will scratch yours. The media will ignore it as the Clintons profit from it.

Yet, for some reason, the slush fund that is the Clinton Foundation has been ignored by a “rigged” media that obsesses more about Trump talking dirty than Hillary Clinton using her various offices for personal gain. Corruption has been a Clinton hallmark. The Clintons have made a career of making a fortune on the dime of a public they intentionally deceive and defraud, using their positions of power to enrich themselves at the public’s expense….” The Clinton Foundation Colombia Scam