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Do you ever get the impression that you’ve dropped down an Alice in Wonderland, rabbit hole? That you’re somehow caught up in one of those whacky sideshow alley hall of mirrors? The world of the concave and the convex where nothing is as it should be and where everything is stretched and distorted? (Like the ABC’s coverage on a range of issues)

So now we learn that legislation to make the ABC more fair and balanced, in fact won’t.
I guess none of this should come as any surprise when you consider that, in March, the newly appointed, Chairman, (friend of Malcolm Turnbull) Justin Milne said on day one, before he even had his feet under the desk, that there was no bias at the ABC.
“…The Turnbull government insists a push to legislate that the ABC must be “fair and balanced” will not change anything about the public broadcaster’s existing editorial policies. — There’s been a bit of uproar about that (proposed change), but there shouldn’t be,” he told ABC TV on Sunday.
“These are not new or strange journalistic concepts.” The ABC’s editorial policy says it is guided by “hallmarks of impartiality” that include “a balance that follows the weight of evidence” and “fair treatment”. Hanson’s ABC laws ‘won’t change a thing’