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From Friday’s Washington Times. As I’ve been pointing in various blogs out over the last week or so, Soros is the closest, real life example of the most sinister and evil, James Bond, Goldfinger type characters I can recall.

A hard left, billionaire anarchist with mendacious intent on issues like drug legalisation, no borders and global government, who has been able to insert himself into the centre of American politics with his power, access, money and therefore funding, of a myriad of motherhood sounding community activist groups, Black Lives Matter being a recent example. In the US he was a mover and shaker in the “voting rights” movement founding the Voting Rights Institute in 1994. His mission and strategy like that of 60’s activists on welfare and voter enrolment, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, is to overload and swamp the electoral system with bogus registrations to bring it crashing down. His agenda is not unlike that of fellow billionaire anarchist, Maurice Strong, the godfather of Earth Hour and Climate Change. In Australia Soros is the godfather of GetUp.

(Not sure how you reconcile a billionaire capitalist with the anarchic hard left, but that’s him) If Americans are anything like Australians they are most likely blissfully unaware of his Svengali like influence over HRC and what he and she have in store. A vote for Clinton is a vote for Soros.

“……The fact that Hillary Clinton and her campaign are so closely aligned with George Soros and his radical agenda is serious cause for alarm,” Mr. Hunter told The Washington Times. “Publicly, it’s a relationship she’s never really talked up, but communications at least now reveal how closely aligned they are, and Americans deserve to know that a Clinton presidency means even more direct influence from George Soros.

“And as for an agenda, there probably won’t be much daylight between the two, and Americans should be concerned that a vote for Clinton is no different than a vote for George Soros for president,” Mr. Hunter said.

The Times reached out to the press offices for Mr. Soros and Mrs. Clinton but received no reply.

With a Forbes-pegged fortune of $24 billion, Mr. Soros is America’s — and the world’s — most prominent financial star in a constellation of liberal activist groups. They have funded anti-police protests, some of them violent; rhetorical attacks on conservatives and their media; open border initiatives; and efforts to control journalists’ reporting.

Mr. Soros has complained of national borders as an impediment to world ruling bodies….” Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world