The pursuit of Michael Flynn by the intelligence community and the Obama administration goes way back to 2011. A full four years before Donald Trump even announced his intention to run.

Trump wasn’t a cause of Spy Gate as it’s become known, he was a casualty of it.

The full story is here but the short story is that Flynn was Obama’s Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency and was appointed to that job in 2012. His demise however  stemmed from the taking out of Osama Bin Laden the previous year in 2011.

As a result, those tasked with the job of liquidating Bin Laden retrieved an absolute mother-lode, a treasure trove of documents from the Bin Laden bolthole.

These documents underscored the very close ties between Iran and Al Qaeda.

Obama wanted to keep them secret because they flew in the face of his signature and keynote foreign policy initiative of diminishing the hegemony of Israel and Saudi Arabia and handing it over to the Shia Islamic, “death to America” crowd in Tehran.

So much for Obama’s judgement and one can only wonder about his motives.

Flynn was a former boots on the ground, three star general with a key role in forging the US counter-terrorism strategy and dismantling insurgent networks in Afghanistan and Iraq and with his background, immediately saw and understood the folly and the extreme danger of putting Obama’s ego ahead of national security and the security of the entire Middle East and rightly believed that the treasure trove should have wider dissemination.

He not only believed it, he said so before congress with his bosses in the Intelligence community in the audience. That was Flynn’s mistake and as a result, he had to go. His future was further condemned when Donald Trump appointed him as his National Security Adviser. This time he REALLY had to go because he knew too much about what the intel community had been up to.

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