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Interesting developments at Fauxfacts and not before time
“…Newly-appointed national editor James Chessell, who is still the Australian Financial Review’s Europe editor based in London (and expounded on the snap UK election this week), contacted the chief foreign correspondent of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, Paul McGeough, in Washington last week and told him his commentary on US president Donald Trump was “too anti-Trump”, according to some Fairfax sources. This view, aired regularly in the pages of News Corp’s Australian newspaper, is said to be shared by Fairfax bosses Greg Hywood and Sean Aylmer.
Other Fairfax insiders say McGeough, a former editor of the SMH and veteran frontline war correspondent from Baghdad to Afghanistan, has been told to change from non-stop commentary and analysis and become more of a conventional foreign correspondent. That means more news feature writing and even the odd non-Trump story. He, like other correspondents, has been urged to be careful with emotive language too; although he’s been told he can still be critical of the president when necessary…” Fairfax correspondent under the pump over Trump