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One of the great lines of our times, from Seinfeld, “It’s not a lie if YOU believe it”.
Gemma Tognini in an excellent analysis, demolishes the 13 green left, mostly if not all, female, “Drs Wives” independents.
The fact that they’re only running against sitting Liberals, straight away is a tell as to their supposed independence. 
These are the privileged, feel good, storybook, cup of coco in front of a warm fire, type independents. 
Extract below 
“…Calling yourself an independent doesn’t make you one, any more than me calling myself a gifted athlete makes me that.
Let’s look at the current crop of “independent” candidates in seats from Wentworth to Curtin and in between being supported by Climate 200.
So independent they wear a uniform.
So independent, the 13 listed candidates are all under the umbrella of Climate 200, wearing the same teal blue T-shirts and singing from the same songbook.
So very independent they’re listed on the Climate 200 website and, according to the organisation’s Simon Holmes a Court, were selected because they accept key principles, being more action on gender diversity and climate change. How can they be independent candidates if there are selection criteria?
A quick spin around the website of the independent candidate (backed by Climate 200 and listed on its website) Allegra Spender and you’ll struggle to find a meal among the fairy floss.
Under the heading Proactive Healthcare, Spender commits to ensuring aged-care organisations provide high standards of care. Ensuring? That’s a bloody big call and it would be great to understand how it can be guaranteed.
None of these candidates are talking about national security. About energy security. None are talking about the threat of inflation.
Under the heading Inclusive Society, Spender commits to ensuring a respectful treatment of women and the LGBTIQ+ community. Who wouldn’t?
That’s not policy, that’s a high-school standard word-cuddle.
These are troubled and troubling times. None of these candidates are talking about national security.
About energy security. How to incorporate renewables without plunging half of Australia into energy poverty.
None are talking about the threat of inflation. Reducing government debt. These are the nitty gritty, ugly, un-sexy issues that underpin a nation’s prosperity.
Australia can’t afford the vain dalliances of single-issue ideologues who rock up to the farm with one pony and one trick.

These are serious times…”