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Gee, I’m old enough to recall like it was only earlier this week (because it was) that the left and their attack dogs of the media industrial complex, we’re spraying around words like fascist, authoritarian, totalitarian etc as they slandered, smeared, besmirched and condemned the new Italian prime minister, Giorgio Meloni whose thought crimes and calumny were that she believed in family, the nation, her religion and basic, garden variety, traditions and values.

But notice when a REAL, 100% totalitarian and authoritarian, in the person of the former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, Jacinda Adern says the quiet part out loud, only a few days later, in relation to the thought crimes of the great unwashed, there’s not so much as a word of condemnation.

Check the video of her at the UN embedded in the story below  calling for global censorship of views that run counter to the authorised narrative