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I find it interesting that early impressions and perceptions, more often than not, usually and eventually prove correct. It’s something you just can’t quite put you finger on but it’s there.
And so it is with Waleed Aly. The bloke is an elitist snob…
“….But on Monday night, we had a little peek into his soul. His cold, elitist, snobbish soul.
In all fairness, this is not unique to Aly. It is typical of the chardonnay socialist Left, who get about complaining about how awful the world is while driving to dinner parties in expensive European cars.
They’ve turned left-wing politics into the domain of the wealthy, excluding and sneering at everyone below them. They infest the Greens and profess to love the downtrodden. Their hearts go out to the friendly neighbourhood Muslim refugee who faces epidemic levels of Islamophobia.
They don’t really care about the poor and downtrodden. It’s more about looking fashionable and trendy. It’s all just a performance to gain the admiration of their peers.
Which is why they hate lower-socioeconomic people when they happen to be white. People don’t nod while swigging expensive chardonnay when you mention that.
Instead, they’re bogans. White trash.
They have committed the crime of not being university educated and living in the inner city. To the great surprise of much of the inner city set, people actually live and thrive in the suburbs.
So desperate is Aly to keep up appearances that he rents a home in Melbourne’s Richmond — because he can’t afford to buy.
Oh, the struggle.
I’m sure the bogans will sympathise…”  The jig is up, Waleed Aly. You’ve shown your true colours