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Julia Gillard gave a somewhat bizarre speech on Thursday at the annual Hawke Lecture in Adelaide.

What it demonstrated is that even with the effluxion of time since she was voted out as Prime Minister, she’s learnt nothing and forgotten nothing.

The main thrust of her talk was that she believes that we are living an age of anxiety fuelled by political convulsions such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

Again she simply demonstrates that she just doesn’t get it. She and others like her, just don’t understand or get what’s going on.

Instead of understanding that the election of Trump and the Brexit vote were in response to a collapse of faith in the political class, she, again is looking through the wrong end of the telescope and believes that the anxiety people may feel is in fact caused by Trump and Brexit and things like spiralling electricity bills.

Just as with the reaction of Middle America in the election of Donald Trump here in Australia and the UK, people see their society, culture and economy being totally recast and can no longer be certain of anything or their place in the world.

In a time of massive, unrelenting disruption, it is in fact, the exact opposite of certainty.

It is the end of certainty.

A postmodern world of cultural relativism where even truth itself is relative and just a matter of opinion. A belief in the idea that all cultures are equal and warranting respect even those that are totally incompatible with western and Australian values.

From zero debt to half a trillion dollars plus. (That’s five hundred thousand million) in less than 10 years with interest on the debt at an eye watering, nose bleed 15 or is it 16 or is it 18 billion dollars a year.

Manufacturing closing down and jobs going off shore, electricity prices off the Richter scale and THE most expensive in the world despite the fact that we have the world’s largest deposits of gas, coal and uranium, then you’ve got an extra 200,000 people are year being crammed in to mainly Sydney and Melbourne, the recent and deliberate promotion of misery, racism and grievance industries combined with identity and gender politics. So absurd has this become we learnt on Friday that the Defense Force has charged taxpayers more than $1 million to pay for sex-change surgeries and provide treatment for personnel experiencing gender dysphoria. Why??? Why should this cost fall to the defense budget? Why is it their job to fund this stuff?

And of course if all of that wasn’t enough we have a rampant Islam with creeping sharia.

In amongst all of this, a hapless, hopeless and pathetic, milque toast pusillanimous and politically correct political class of drongos and dolts who worship and prostrate themselves at the altar of tolerance, diversity and inclusion with no idea what to do about the myriad problem’s they’ve created.

In short nothing makes sense anymore and it’s all been the work of the political class and government policy.

To the extent that people are feeling anxious, frayed and at the end of their tether, people Julia Gillard and likeminded social engineers should take a look in the mirror. They have single handedly engineered it.

As Chris Kenny pointed out in a comment piece in the Australian online on Friday

“…Rather than accept the principle that a governing class is put in place at the behest of the people and dispensed with by voters depending on its performance, they seem to think the governing class has been let down by the hoi polloi. Gillard’s misdiagnosis is rampant around the world with vast swathes of politicians, journalists, academics and others in the media/political class — mainly but not exclusively of the Left — who have been shocked by Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. Instead of comprehending how the political class has been brought to heel by mainstream voters, they patronisingly explain how those poor little people have got it all wrong…”

Ideally I think what Gillard and many others would like to do is follow the idea of the German writer Bertolt Brecht, who, after the East Berlin rising in 1953 made the ironic observation that the Communist regime should dismiss the people and appoint a new one.

As someone once quipped, “the problem with political jokes is that they get elected”