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Some people, many perhaps, spend too much time in the bureaucratic bubble and only read what’s put in front of them by underlings. People like the head of ASIO, Duncan Lewis for example.
So intoxicated by the politically correct Kool Aid is he, that his ignorance of cold hard facts and stats is not just naïve and appalling but  quite frankly, dangerous. Like others inside the bubble, how does he expect to be on top of or solve the problem when he refuses to acknowledge that the problem even exists?


“…Hanson’s expressions of concern were as much for them as for native-born Australians. Yet when she asked Lewis to confirm that four terrorist attacks and 12 foiled plots in Australia were “committed by Muslims”, she was met with a contemptuous response unworthy of his office.
Hanson may have some crackpot policies but she is the representative of the people, whose servant he is, and who pay him generously — $630,000 last year.
“ASIO does not make its inquiries or its assessments on the basis of somebody’s religion,” he replied.
“Of the 12 thwarted [terrorist] attacks, one of those indeed involved a right wing extremist… so the answer is, no, they have not all been carried out by Muslims”.
Why highlight the non-Muslim exception? The answer is 11 of 12 terrorist plots were Islamic, yet here is Lewis pandering to the left wing myth that “right wing extremism” is as dangerous.
Hanson asked if he knew that in Canada “increased numbers of children born to refugees are converting to radical Islam [and] is that happening here?”
“I’m not familiar with the Canadian experience” he said icily. “And I see no evidence of it here, Senator.“
Lewis was the model of an urbane public servant disdainful of the bogans Hanson represents. But her questions were reasonable.
Danish studies show second-generation Muslim migrants are twice as likely as their parents to be radicalised.
If ASIO is not aware of the phenomenon, it is negligent..”  Just What Is The ASIO Boss Smoking