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When you consider our slide down the world various world rankings, it’s exactly the same in Australia.

“….The Education Establishment makes everything murky and unproductive by an endless spew of jargon, incoherent theories, goofy methods, phony research, and new names for failed ideas. Finally, no two Americans can talk constructively about anything in education. It’s as if they are talking across vast linguistic and cultural barriers, not over coffee at Starbucks. Education is now the fog-shrouded domain of dumbing down. Pervasive murkiness is a big part of the reason why so much educational reform remains stymied. Nothing moves fast in a swamp.

Here, then, is a simple formula for quickly draining the educational swamp: eliminate all the counterproductive ideas introduced over the last 85 years. That’s it. These bad ideas, like the viruses in your computer, did not appear by accident. They were systematically and deliberately placed in the schools by John Dewey’s socialist “change agents.” The good news is that these bad ideas can be removed in that same deliberate way – just as a technician removes viruses from your computer. Presto: schools will be better and cheaper.

Our high-level educators are obsessed with social engineering, not so much with academic progress. I believe that all these bad ideas were injected into the schools as a way of putting the brakes on intellectual success. The biggest brake is obviously prolonged illiteracy. If kids can’t read, they can’t learn. The other gimmicks enumerated so far, when piled on top of semi-literacy, create the ineffective, horribly wasteful K-12 we have now.

You can’t ask parents to be more involved when the system is incomprehensible by design. The Education Establishment seems to love strategies that don’t work, and then murkiness to cover up this tragic truth. If we want a rebirth of education, we need far more transparency and clarity. Only then can parents and community leaders understand what’s happening to the children. Only then can the country have the schools we need….

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