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“….Sky has sacked its most opinionated talking head for being exactly what he was known to be when hired. Abrasive, vulgar and frequently contemptuous, he was also an affirmation, false as it happens, that there was at least one TV outlet which would not cower before our PC overlords.

This is not re-assuring — not at all, not about the Reserve Bank, Sky News or the state of Rupert Murdoch’s commercial acumen. And on top of that there is the tough call, a deeply personal matter, of whether to forego a couch potato’s pleasure in watching the Western Bulldogs march toward 2017′s AFL Premiership flag. Let me explain.

Yesterday, much to the delight of the people you would expect, Sky News sacked Mark Latham for being, well, Mark Latham. He was Mark Latham when they hired him and Mark Latham when they fired him, and apparently that was the problem.

For those who haven’t been following events, it seems his remarks about the 15-year-old daughter of the Reserve Bank’s Philip Lowe were the last straw. Or perhaps it was because he took a schoolboy to be gay upon first seeing a wince-worthy video in which he and other lads are put up to addressing the camera as if they were girls — girls of the sort who hector men and boys and the other sort of girls, the ones who just want to have fun.

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