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Lorde (part 2.) Remember this from yesterday:

“I pride myself on being an informed young citizen,” she said.

The intellectual pretentiousness of being widely read and informed continues

Cut and Paste in today’s Australian takes up the story —-

Interestingly, Lorde hasn’t cancelled her trips to Moscow and St Petersburg. What’s happening over in Russia? Britain’s The Times, yesterday:

“..Russia’s main opposition leader has called for an election boycott and promised nationwide protests after he was barred from running for president … The decision by the central electoral commission clears the way for President Vladimir Putin, 65, to reclaim the Kremlin practically unopposed for a fourth term — which would extend his effective rule over Russia to 24 years..”

None of this is going on in Israel. Time magazine, September 26:

“..Since early April, a wave of attacks against homosexual men has been reported spreading across the region of Chechnya, a deeply conservative part of Russia that is predominantly Muslim. The details were gruesome; local police had allegedly rounded up dozens of men and tortured them in secret prisons … Several of the victims had been beaten or tortured to death..”

But Lorde still wants to go to Russia? Israel is the bad guy? It simply beggars belief. NBC News online, yesterday:

“..The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on five Russians, including the leader of Chechnya … (Ramzan) Kadyrov oversaw “disappearances and extrajudicial killings” and … he’s believed to have ordered the killing of one of his political rivals. The rival had accused Kadyrov of personally carrying out torture..”