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“…Lowest Emmy Viewership Ever! Wonder Why? Easy answer. People are sick to death of Hollywood swells assaulting their values and their politics if they are conservative. These outrageously self-righteous “stars” feel entitled to get up on the Emmy stage and insult at least half of the people on whose viewership their ratings depend. Just as Hillary dismissed several million voters who support Trump as deplorables and irredeemable, these ridiculous people think that achieving… a role, however brief, in some television program gives them the right and the opportunity to spew their venom while being given an award. Their arrogance and their ignorance give new meaning to the words conceited and pompous and all those words that come up when you google haughty and superior. It is impossible to have an ounce of respect for any of them that use their opportunity to be grateful for their success to indict half the population without a shred of gratitude for their good fortune…”  Lowest Emmy Viewership Ever! Wonder Why?