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“…Social democracy is dying. Like a scene from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, left-of-centre MPs and activists are now practising the type of politics they had previously denounced — a divisive, segregationist brand of identity fascism.

Today’s Labor/Green orthodoxy is to turn people against each other on the basis of their gender, race and sexuality. Left-feminists such as Tracey Spicer and Kasey Edwards are actively segregating women from males: refusing to let their daughters sit next to men on planes or to be supervised by men on play-days. Under the guise of “diversity”, the ABC has promoted Islamic supremacists on its roster, while refusing to report on segregationist practices in places such as Punchbowl Boys High.

All our hopes for people working together — the social democratic dream of a community rich in social capital — are crumbling.

The national broadcaster is running a protection racket for radical Islam.

Within the gay lobby, a militant tendency has also emerged, using boycotts and intimidatory tactics to censor anyone who disagrees with them. The group that, more than any other in Australian politics, has pleaded with people to respect “difference” has become intolerant of differing points of view.

The fed-up majority feels like an alien virus has been injected into our way of life.

They see their country being lost to the madness of political correctness and leftist social engineering.

And while the Greens and Labor egg on this process, Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition are too weak to stop it. Or perhaps Turnbull actually believes in the madness.

“White male privilege” is the Satan of their new religion and it’s being prosecuted fanatically. Who would have thought the word “white” could become a term of abuse in modern Australia?

Recently, at Sydney University, the Labor senator Sam Dastyari laid into “white rich men” as “f … ers”.

Meanwhile, the ABC presenter Yassmin Abdel-Magied has attacked her hometown of Brisbane for being as “white as f. k”.

Let me give another example of how bad things have become. This Friday I was to speak at a Labor fundraising event at Smithfield in Western Sydney, taking as my theme the contents of this column. In front of an audience including the NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley, I hoped to persuade people of how identity fascism is killing off the good society, and setting back multiculturalism and reconciliation.

But then the Left faction, led by Rainbow Labor and Rose Jackson, made a push to rub me off the speakers’ list. None of them were even going to the function. They wanted to run it by remote control, not trusting anyone from Smithfield to make up their own mind about my speech.

The pigs are in the farmhouse, walking upright on their hind legs…”  The Lefts Division Defeats Democracy