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Even the ABC’s own Media Watch is (briefly) amazed that the ABC and other Left-wing media outlets – The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and Guardian –  refused to report a top Muslim representative here confirming the Koran instructed men to beat their disobedient wives.

Why has he (Media Watch host Paul Barry) not warned:

  • the ABC cannot be trusted to tell you the truth – and full – truth about Islam.
  • the ABC and the rest of the media Left would rather protect Islam than protect women from domestic violence.
  • the ABC, meant by law to be impartial, is not.
  • the ABC suffers from a groupthink so overwhelming that NONE of its current affairs shows thought this story should be reported.
  • the ABC has a disturbing religious bias, publishing on its website four more articles savaging the Catholic church on the day that ignored Trad endorsing wife-beating as “a last resort”. How media Left ignored Muslim wife-beating story