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What is it with the Lear Jet elites and their self serving book titles designed to frame theIr morally vain authors as deep, noble, contemplative and above the fray as they try and retcon or rewrite and airbrush their history?

This week it’s the unflushable, Turnbull and his ‘A Bigger Picture’. A title obviously meant to convey the impression that he was visionary, that he could see bigger, larger and beyond what we myopic deplorables could see and that we’re somehow the losers and it’s to our detriment that he’s no longer there to guide us.

Perhaps it would have been better titled ‘A Bitter Picture’

Then of course there’s Kevin Rudd. Another moral narcissist who believes his unimpressive political career and his ‘truth’ contained in ‘The PM Years’ is somehow worthy of two volumes no less, pretentiously called a ‘memoir’ if you don’t mind.

Two volumes!!

What could he possibly have to say apart from pages of blame shifting and self justification?

In reality they are just attempts by otherwise unimpressive, lightweight and second rate political mediocrities to recast their political careers as falling somewhere between Menzies and Churchill.

Think about the names Rudd and Turnbull in the same sentence, the same context as Churchill, Menzies, Howard, Hawke and Keating.

People like Menzies with his ‘Measure of the Years’ had decades of experience to draw upon and something to write about and Churchill with his many books and again with many decades and his contribution to the history of the 20th Century. Same for John Howard. As Lazarus with a triple bypass, he too had a story to tell over thirty three years from 1974 to 2007 as treasurer, opposition leader and Prime Minister.

Former head of the FBI and the criminal mastermind behind the Trump Spy-gate and Russia collusion hoax, James Comey pompously titled his book, ‘A Higher Loyalty’.

Again, the idea being to get out in front with ‘his truth’, frame himself as the victim to justify what he did ahead of being fitted up for an orange jump suit.