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Read it and weep. While you were dozing for the last number of years, here’s what’s been going on. This is the kind of crap that goes on while you’re not paying attention. Australia under Gillard, Rudd, Abbott have donated $480 million (almost half a trillion dollars) to the Clinton Foundation and its associate groups. The quality, naivety and gullibility of our political class sucks the oxygen out of the room..

“…..And yet, apart from the beautiful friendship with Gillard, what did Australia get from the Clintons for all that cash?

A whole lot of trouble is what.

The latest treasure trove of Wikileaks emails released last week shows that Australian green groups have been secretly funded to destroy our coal industry by ­environmental activists connected to the Clinton campaign.

The email account of Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta reveals extraordinary details of the sabotage of the $16 billion Adani coalmine in Queensland, which has damaged Australia’s national interest and denied cheap electricity to millions of poor Indians.

In another email forwarded to Podesta, Hepburn panics about an Abbott government inquiry into environmental charities and discusses hiding Sunrise’s sources of funding to safeguard its charitable tax status.

Hepburn boasts about the latest legal blow to Adani, when the Federal Court overturned its approval and the Commonwealth Bank quit the project.

In it he now wants to “escalate the campaign ­towards the other 3 big Australian banks….”  Foreign-funded green groups could take whole swathes of Australia out of the productive economy