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If the descendants of Sir John Monash are concerned that his good name is being politicised or traduced in some way by the adopting of it by the Monash Forum, they may like to direct their ire towards the university that bears his name and the Antifa inspired, dark, dystopian, anarchic and menacing “Change It” promotional video released this week.

It takes loud, ugly, and violent to an entirely new Orwellian dimension. It is impossible to reconcile this “promotional tool” with the universities core business. Unless that business has changed to a total denigration of Western Civilisation which seems to be the thing these days.

Former National Party leader Tim Fisher, chair of the Saluting Monash Council and something of a military buff himself has joined General Monash’s great grandchildren in objecting to the use of his name saying that  “The name of John Monash deserves to be treated with great respect”. 

We can only assume that Fisher and the Monash clan are either totally oblivious and unaware as to what is being put out under their name and in the name of this great Australian.