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It’s getting very serious and very ugly. Trump wasn’t meant to win, that wasn’t the plan. It was in the bag for Hillary Clinton so now the unhinged and feral left will stop at absolutely nothing to wrestle control. The way they see it, is that if they can get rid of Trump, although they’re still stuck with a Republican President Pence, a Washington insider, he’s part of the establishment but  it’s someone the establishment can manipulate and control. The problem for Trump is that he came to the job independently wealthy, as an outsider and owes nobody anything.
Now the fake media have desperately latched on to a casual aside and are trying to peddle the line that Trump is in the pay of Putin. Again, they miss the point. He’s independently wealthy, a billionaire who doesn’t need to be in the pay of anyone and doesn’t even draw down his Presidential salary. Watch as Monica Crowley unloads based on her own bitter experience.