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Ah yes, the rich, vibrant and colourful tapestry of all inclusive multi culti. Except of course if you’re a 4th generation white anglo.
This has the all exact same hallmarks of the QUT, 18c case and more whereby non indigenous students were kicked out of the unsigned indigenous computer lab.
If anything this is worse than the QUT case..
“…..Two weeks ago, on a humid Thursday morning, she bundled her eight-month-old baby in the pram and walked with her four-year-old son the short distance to the community centre.
When she arrived, her red-haired son raced off to play while she looked around for her friend.
That was when a staff member approached and asked if it was her first day. Coverdale thought how nice that she was so attentive.
“I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup.”
But then the woman said: “Can I ask what your cultural background is?”
Taken aback, Coverdale, who has blonde hair and freckles, said: “I’m Australian”.
Immediately, the woman said: “I’m sorry, you can’t come here. It’s for multicultural families and people who speak languages other than English at home.”
Coverdale stood her ground: “I said ‘I’m not leaving’. My kids were playing. My older son was having such a good time with his buddy, and I thought, ‘Why should I leave?’”
But then the centre “facilitator”, aka manager, Jo Fletcher, confronted her: “Can I just ask what your cultural background is.”
When Coverdale said she was fourth-generation Australian, Fletcher said: “I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup….”  Mother too white for playgroup