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“….For the first time since the Left staged its “long march” through our institutions, its tools of ­tyranny are crumbling.

Political correctness, identity politics, cultural Marxism, victim feminism, all kryptonite to the soul of Western civilisation, are under threat.

Brexit was just the prelude to this glorious global revolution of the deplorables.

The sore losers rioted in the streets and burned Trump in effigy, chanting “Dump Trump” and “Not my President”.

They blindly trashed their own patch, the cities that voted for Clinton.

They burned the flag, broke ­windows, smashed police cars, blocked traffic, beat up ­suspected Trump supporters and faked hate crimes, thus confirming the ­wisdom of each and every Trump vote.

If these are the people who hate Trump, then whose side are you on? My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

More confirmation that America made the right decision came from the jazz hands and trigger-warning crowd, who plunged into a state of psychic despair, dubbed Trump-ression.

Even in Australia friends avoided the topic for fear of social ostracism.

Only in the remaining oasis of democracy, the polling booth, did the silenced majority feel free to express themselves.

That’s what you get when you silence dissent with political correctness, when you ban speakers from university campuses, make social status dependent on virtue-­signalling, traduce religious conservatives, and stack your media organisations with groupthink elitists….”  Trumpism is not a passing fad. Ignore the ‘forgotten men and women’ at your peril