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A brilliant new doco on the Climate hoax, called Climate Hustle, 2016 and for $8 you can stream it (or buy it for $17.) It pulls together many of the threads of material that are already well known, into the one 75 minute unit.
For example the Vostock ice cores which demonstrate that the heat comes first followed by the co2 with a lag of some 800 years or so. (the exact opposite to what you’ve been told.)
Also the myth of 97% of scientists agree etc (there were only 77 scientists ever polled and some of those were and still are sceptics that had been lead authors for the IPCC and responded to some very vague questions like the loaded “do you believe in climate change” the answer of course is yes. There have been a number of Ices Ages(s) after all. Then there’s Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick graph that used to be the emblem of the IPCC until it was exposed as a fraud and of course the fraud and bias by omission of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth and what he didn’t show and didn’t say, when he used the scissor lift for the over egged and very much hyped visual impact and effect to make his point.
All of this prompts me to ask: When are Climate Alarmists and climate catastrophists going to stop feeling guilt, and humiliation. Stop feeling so ashamed and embarrassed about being so gullible and naive for tumbling into all of this and get on with their lives.
It’s happened before over the years, happens every day. Nigerian Bank Scams, Ponzi Schemes, The Dutch Tulip bubble madness of 1636/37. When the history books are written, anthropogenic climate change will be a standout as to how easily the most wired, connected, educated and intelligent generations ever, in the history of mankind, were so easily scammed and conned. 
And of course now people are starting to see the scam reflected in their energy bills because of the secondary spin off swindle and fraud of renewable energy as a replacement for base load coal generated electricity…