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It’s difficult to believe that only 16 years after 9/11, that Islam could have made such progress in implementing Sharia in the West. It is proof positive that the leaders of the West are weak, hollow, stand for nothing and not prepared to fight for the values of the West.
 The dhimmi status referred to in point, essentially means that as a citizen you accept and submit to the superiority of Islam without converting. How this works in Western society where Islam is a minority is impossible to comprehend accept and unless it is viewed through the prism of tolerance and diversity which again is a short hand way of saying that you are weak, stand for nothing and not prepared to fight.
This was best expressed by Karl Popper when he wrote that:

              “..Unlimited tolerance would lead to the tolerant being destroyed by the intolerant. Barriers and surveillance are necessary to protect an open society..”


“….Suppression of expression is paramount in the Islamic world. Yet, in Europe, as affirmed by Giulio Meotti, creeping sharia has advanced steadily, too. European writers, artists and museum directors admit that they are accepting their dhimmi status by:
1. Removing the art work “Persepolis” because it combines a Persian Islamic rug and a female head.
2. Veiling antique Roman statues in the Vatican to avoid offending Iran’s visiting President Hassan Rouhani.
3. Censoring London’s Mall Gallery exhibition titled “Passion for Freedom” because it shows a family of toy animals living in an enchanted valley while in the background another set of toy animals are dressed as ISIS, ready to invade the idyllic view.
4. The installation entitled “ISIS Threatens Sylvania” was eliminated because of its alleged “inflammatory” content.
5. Withdrawing a portrait of the Prophet of Islam from the
Victoria and Albert Museum of London because a group of Muslims protested.
6. Srapping the dedication of a new section of the Louvre in Paris concerning the artistic heritage of Eastern Christians.
Recall that Eastern Christians have been systematically decimated by the Islamic State but the Louvre caved to fear.
But a double standard is consistently maintained whenever Islam is invoked.
Robert Spencer in his booklet titled “The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plan: Eliminating and Destroying Western Civilization from Within” quotes Muhammad Mahdi Othman ‘Kef who made this bold announcement:
I have complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America, because Islam has logic and a mission. Thus, ‘the Europeans and the Americans will come into the bosom of Islam out of conviction.’
This stealth jihad has one irrevocable goal — to eliminate Western civilization, mores, culture, and ideas.
The left and the jihadist appear to be joined at the hip. This, despite recent reports in the international news media of gay men being jailed, murdered or tortured in the Russian republic of Chechnya, which is “a hotbed of Islamic honor killings, usually of young women, but of gay men as well…” The Outrages of Sharia