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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

There’s The Problem Right There

The couple makes ends meet in a system which churns hundreds of billions of dollars every year between­ the taxing and spending arms of government. They’re also among the 3.6 million Australian families who ­receive more in payments from the government than they pay in income tax.

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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto

The Weekend Australian revealed that children as young as seven have been exposed to lessons about “transgender experiences”, with the Victorian head of the controversial Safe Schools Coalition ­admitting having taught the secondary­ school program in prim­ary schools.

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Words Speak Louder Than Actions

As bad as Turnbull’s Labor Lite Liberals are, to think that full strength Labor is even in in the hunt with this kind of twisted candidate is truly terrifying. Are these people just misty eyed and misguided. Well meaning, naive and gullible or are they just plain stupid and dangerous? You decide.

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More On The Weakest Link

A former president of the blue ribbon Point Piper branch, Falinski was campaign manager for merchant banker Malcolm Turnbull when he blitzed the seat of Wentworth at the 2004 election.

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Alan Jones On Jim Ball

I've received excellent support from  media presenters and callers to talk radio over recent weeks. Support and endorsement from where it matters.

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