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Random Note #178,672

I’ve been following Pat Condell for many years and this time he nails the myth. The total fraud and fabrication that is Palestine and “the Palestinians”.
They are a totally invented people they have no history prior to 1964. None. Zero. Zilch.

It’s about time they were called out on it by world “leaders” and the three amigos from the ALP, Hawke, Rudd and Evans did their homework instead of aiding and abetting the sell out of Israel, Australia and the ALP for the sake of the Muslim vote in south west Sydney.

In an effort to perpetuate the myth and delegitimise Judaism’s connection to its holiest sites, The Western Wall and Temple Mount, UNESCO, in 2016, airbrushed, revised, confected and further fabricated history with a momentous lie worthy of Goebels, by issuing a resolution which reclassified the combined site as exclusively Muslim and blatantly denied any such Jewish links purely to further cement the Palestinian cause and discredit any historical Jewish claim despite the mountains of written and archeological evidence.

This rebadging or rebranding of Jewish history is straight from the playbook of Roman Emperor Hadrian and his own resolution and fabrication when he renamed Judea, “Syria Palestina” after the historical arch nemesis of the Jews, the Philistines, (from the Aegean with no ethnic or historical claims to the area whatsoever) in 134 A D and with the exact same objective: to attempt to minimise over time, any Jewish identification with the area and delegitimise the Jewish people and their historical claim to their land and totally distort and fabricate the historical record.

And it has to be admitted that this distortion and rewriting of history has been very, very effective. It’s all part of a long game which is intended over time to permeate the history books. A classic example of a lie eventually becoming truth through sheer dint of repetition.

For the record the site re classified by UNESCO is a remnant of the ancient second temple built by Herod the Great and destroyed by the Romans 2000 years ago, hundreds of years before Islam was created and gate crashed the region in 640. Pat Condell destroys every Palestinian lie